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Our History

Timgu was founded on the 14th of September 2010 by Alexander Kahn from Denmark and Finnish Outi Ellilä and Lari Numminen. Prior to this the three founders had been co-workers in Google Ireland where they had learned all necessary basics within the field of online advertising.
The name of Timgu doesn't mean anything in any major language, nor is it particularly useful for search engine optimization. When brainstorming names related to international marketing, internet marketing, search engines and so forth the working title “International Marketing Guys” came up, which was later distilled down to its essence: Timgu.
After moving to the temporary global headquarters in Edgware, the Timgu team was welcomed by a friendly neighbour, a squirrel that we affectionately named "Tim Guu". The squirrel has been the mascot of Timgu ever since.

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